Integrative Counseling & Coaching

A place for individual therapy as well as relationship coaching. Nanda has a Master’s Degree in Communication and a Post HBO in Counseling and Coaching. 

Expertise Areas

Individual Therapy

Burnout & Stress

As a licensed burnout professional, Nanda will help you avoid or get out of a burnout and cope with stress(ors) in a healthy way.

Trauma & Anxiety

Dealing with the shadows of the past can be a necessity to live a free life. Nanda is a well trained counselor on trauma and anxiety.

Pleaser 'Syndrome'

Putting others' needs first is beautiful, until it takes it's toll on you. Learn to become a pleasent person in stead of a pleaser.

Expertise Areas

Relationship Coaching


We all have different communication styles. Learning about them and adapting to your spouse's style, is hard work, yet inevitable for a healthy relationship.

Emotional connection

Do you feel disconnected to one another? Let's figure out what both of you need in order to feel connected and to improve the emotional bond again.

From fighting to harmony

Fighting, disharmony, avoidance. It can be very unsettling and exhausting to be in a phase as such. I would love to help you through the fighting towards harmony and balance.


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What is a Match-call?

All psychology scientists agree on one thing with regard to therapy: if there is no ‘click’ between a client and a professional, the therapy will have no impact. A match-call is a free service to experience whether you feel a ‘click’ with Nanda, before working with her.

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